Charge, current and voltage

Do you have problems understanding the unit charge, current and voltage? Then you may be missing the following basics:

The electric charge45 min.


This chapter deals with new properties of matter: the electrical properties. We will investigate the behavior of electricity by means of simple experiments and then define physical quantities with which it can be described. Our life today can hardly be imagined without electricity: from lightbulbs to heating, from floppy disk drives to elevators, from dentist drills to X-ray machines. Our current standard of living would not be possible without electrical energy. For example, we take electricity from batteries or the socket. But how does it get there? And what is electricity anyway? To answer these questions, let's first look at situations in which we encounter it rather surprisingly - without a battery or socket.

The concept of the electric field45 min.


In this chapter the term electric field is introduced and possibilities for representing electric fields are introduced and practiced.