Molar mass distribution

Do you have problems understanding the unit molar mass distribution? Then you may be missing the following basics:

Degree of polymerization20 min.

ChemistryMacromolecular ChemistryPolymer analysis

In this learning unit, the terms degree of polymerization, polydispersity index, cumulative degree of polymerization and degree of coupling are defined. Factors affecting the degree of polymerization are explained.

Introduction to determining the molar mass of polymers20 min.

ChemistryMacromolecular ChemistryPolymer analysis

The various methods for determining the molar mass of polymers are presented and characterized in an overview. The number and weight average of the molar mass are compared.

Video: Προσδιορισμός Σχετικής Μοριακής Μάζας Mr - Determining the molar mass of a gas (January 2022).